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Hello and welcome to our new website!

As you can see, we are offering adventure or a relaxing self catering holiday in a traditional Bulgarian way.

We offer a very friendly stay with us in our self catering accommodation. We speak and understand English, Russian and Bulgarian.

We moved here from North West England and are enjoing it very much and want everybody to come and have a great rest with some activities and sightseing.

May we introduce ourselves?

Daron. More known as Balders. English. Proffesional PADI Scuba Diving instructor. First aid responder. Member of the Cave Diving Group of Great Britain. Just a great character! Hobby: scubadiving, rockclimbing, caving, cavediving, snowboarding, chatting.

Kat. Belorussian. Mother and housewife. First aid responder. Hobby: design and sewing of all sorts of home and personal accessories.

Milana. English and Belorussian. Great kid. Hobby: smiling, chasing cats.

Baggie and Cleopatra. Mainly cats. Have travelled with us to Bulgaria. 3000 miles by car.

Please take a tour around our website, if there is any questions or special requests for your stay, please contact us.

Any questions please mail us on: info@the-rocking-chair-ltd.com








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