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Scuba Diving in Bulgaria

Here you will find various dive sites for Scuba Diving in the Black Sea

If diving is what you are looking for then within 1 hour's drive you can be diving among the many wrecks of the Black Sea, some still to be discovered.The Black Sea offers a lot of adventure and diversity for divers offering wrecks, sea caves, a wide variety of Seahorses and more.


  • Mesolitic settlement. This stone-age settlement was found in 2000 by the Robert Ballard team. Named "Site 82", it is located on 95 m depth north of Sinop on the Turkish coast. Wooden beams and branches are laying intact on the site. The settlement must be from before the flood, thus at least 7000 years old.
  • Bulgarian log boat. During the summer of 2001, Bulgarian trawler fishers caught a log boat from c 120 m depth (partially anoxic depth) near Sozopol. It was dated to c 4000 BC. This find is possibly connected with a Stone Age settlement that was found underwater in the Sozopol Bay 15 years previously. Ref Metro, Stockholm, 4 September 2001.
  • Greek amphora wreck, Bulgaria. Located in 2002 on 84 m depth by a joint U.S.-Bulgarian research expedition, headed by Robert Ballard. The ship was a Greek merchant ship from 5th-3rd centuries BC. No preserved wood is visible above seabottom, but a large amphora from tha cargo has been investigated – it contained fish. Link.
  • Shipwreck A. Discovered in 2000 by the Ballard team. The site is north of Sinop off the Turkish coast on 100 m depth. This is deep enough to be undisturbed by fishing nets. Also this depth has so little oxygen that no organisms eat the wood. The wreck is Late Roman, 23 m long, loaded with amphoras. The hull is broken but several large ship timbers are preserved on the sea bottom.
  • Shipwreck D. This ship, as well as others, was located in 2000 by Robert Ballard's team. It lays very well preserved on 320 m depth. Radiocarbon dated to 410-520 AD. Frame ends stick up from the dead bottom sediment, indicating that an intact hull is embedded in loose sediment. The mast is still standing, 11 m tall. The hull is about 12-13 m long and 3½-4 m wide. The ship remains to be investigated. The photo by Robert Ballard is made from an ROV. Ref New York Times, 3 November 2000.
  • 13th century shipwreck at Soldaya, on 12 m depth, investigated since 1999 by University of Kiev.

















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